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George Plimpton, Jared Paul Stern and Cameron Richardson, Elaine’s 1999

Author Ron Rosenbaum outside of Elaines

Owner, Elaine Kaufman

88th and 2nd ave

Opening scene of Woody Allen’s Manhattan was filmed at Elaines

ELAINE KAUFMAN, owner of legendary restaurant  Elaine’s on the UES died at  age 81 in NYC  on Dec 3rd. The restaurant  has appeared in many films and songs  from the opening scene of Woody Allen’s Manhattan to Billy Joel’s  song Big Shot.   Elaine opened the restaurant in 1963  bringing her off-Broadway friends to the UES. The restaurant continued to be the go spot for celebrities,  literary types and  iconic New Yorker  for decades including Mick Jagger, Luciano Pavarotti, Raquel Welch, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Lauren Bacall, Michael Caine, Frank Sinatra and even Jackie Kennedy Onassis  ( danced on the bar  until 2 am) . RIP Elaine.


Thom Browne is well known for his menswear, specifically suiting, and here for SS2011 we get a taste of his  ladies aesthetic  in his first ever womenswear collection.  I AM OBSESSED!!! The first look of the Thom Browne woman not only boasts the  juxtaposition of traditional fabrications remixed with the kind of humor we’ve come to expect from him,  but she demands that we reflect on his talent for proportional play.  With their educated  subtle style statements and revered craftsmanship combined with humorous ode’s to the 80’s and 90s Thom Brownes  collections  truly deserve their own pedestal.